Can I join your party?

tl;dr  subtle flirt by female approximately 10 years older than me.

“Can I join your party?” she said as a subtle flirt, or just joking. She was likely 10 years older than me. Maybe just 5 years older. In all fairness, it is very likely that I *think* that I look much younger than I actually am. That’s what you get when you are in a University setting, with so many people that fit the definition of “young”. She was kind of a hippie looking though. Long are the days since I bother to look at people hand’s to see if there’s a wedding ring.

The small group that I joined was seated on a table already. We moved to a bigger table after two more of us arrived. While moving, I was able to see that she was seated in the bar. She had mentioned to the waiter that she was joining some friends. One hour later and she was still there. I also say that “I’m with friends” sometimes, when in reality I’m just with friends via my small electronic device.


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